Our Cultivating Community

We’d like to thank the following community members for all that they do to make sharing Como Community Seed Library possible.

Mike Ireland-Warren Poole and Rosa Uy-Adina Weseman-Andrew Gustin-Julie Wegscheid-Katie Sanders- District 10 Como Community Council- Stephanie CK Hankerson-Ramsey County Master Gardener Volunteers-Karine Rupp-Stanko- Erin Dooley- Julia Brokaw-Michael Kuchta-Teri Alberico-Mike and Ruth McDonald-Lorrie Schroeder-Wendy Moylan-Janna Caywood-Laura Carroll-David Tzeutschler-Ann Aurelius-Darby Bradness-Michelle Bruhn-Carrie Kwok-Kassie Brown-Frank Dolejsi-Ana Hernandez-Judi Petkau-Anne Connolly-Kim Fealy-Britta Kelso-Rebecca Calvo-Adelle Niebur-Claudia Canelón -Velasquez Family- Shauna Bridger-Koby Hagen-Cris Canton-Helen Sullinger-Maureen Hark-Michelle Bruhn-Diana Donahue-Jane Aguilar-Tina Hammer-Courtney John-Courtney Tchida-Christine DeMars-Susan Sundberg-Sue Grigal-Jamie Aussendorf-Melanie Banks- Michael Kendall-Deb Nugent-Erin Pryor Pavlica

Thank you for taking the time to share your talents, green thumbs, and dedication to increasing access to a healthy, resilient, diverse, food system for all.

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