Beauty in Passing

If you walk the paths around the lake in Como Park, you may notice the well tended flower gardens placed here and there. One of  these gardens bears a dedication sign perched on a morning glory adorned post identifying the garden steward as Debby Smith. Debby with a help of a few volunteers has been maintaining this garden, as well as two others, and the gardens at Chelsea Heights Elementary for many years. The mix of native flowers, perennial favorites and annuals given to her by the city and donated from her personal garden display an ever-changing mix of color and texture. Her weekly tending means there’s not a weed of any size to be found and all the plants are lush even in the hottest and driest of weather all for the quiet beautification of her neighborhood park and school. So next time you’re walking the paths by the pavilion and you notice someone in a sun hat busy editing one these oases of blooms say “hi” and thank her.


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